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Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer

Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer

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Product Description: Introducing Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer, a skincare essential that provides luxurious hydration while maintaining your skin's health and vitality. Developed by skincare experts, this advanced moisturizer is meticulously formulated to deliver intense hydration and nourishment, leaving your skin soft, supple, and radiant.

Key Features:

  1. Deep Hydration: Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer offers a powerful surge of hydration that penetrates deep into your skin, providing essential moisture for a well-nourished complexion.

  2. Long-Lasting Hydration: This moisturizer features a time-released formula that ensures lasting hydration throughout the day, keeping your skin comfortably moist and protected.

  3. Non-Comedogenic: The lightweight, non-greasy texture of the moisturizer is suitable for most skin types and won't clog pores, making it ideal for daily use.

  4. Skin Barrier Support: Hydrate Moisturizer helps reinforce your skin's natural barrier, guarding against environmental stressors and preventing moisture loss, which can lead to dryness and premature aging.

  5. All-Day Comfort: Use Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer in the morning and evening to experience all-day comfort and maintain a supple, dewy complexion.

  6. Dermatologist-Approved: Obagi is a trusted brand among skincare professionals, and Hydrate Moisturizer is dermatologist-approved for its effectiveness and safety.

Elevate your daily skincare regimen with the transformative power of Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer. Say farewell to dryness and discover the luxury of deeply hydrated, radiant skin.

Choose Obagi for skincare that combines science and luxury to deliver exceptional results. Face each day with confidence, knowing that your skin is enveloped in the lavish care of Hydrate Moisturizer by Obagi!

Hydrate Facial Moisturizer provides 8-hour moisturization with an innovative technology and naturally derived ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, avocado and glycerin, which further help combat dryness.


The Tara Seed Extract matrix molecules holds in moisture and prevents water loss. This technology enhances your skin’s appearance and texture by allowing the epidermis to remain hydrated and to retain moisture.

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